Meet the Artist behind Hoof Print Pottery



Adallie Fox lives with her family in southeast Ohio on Haulin' Hoof Farm.  She became interested in working with clay at a very young age, scouring the farm's fields for clods of clay that could be modeled into small animal figurines. 

By the age of seven her interest in the firing and glazing process was sparked, and she was ready to graduate from the untamed earth of the farm's fields.  Shortly thereafter she acquired some bisqueware (once fired but unpainted ceramic pieces) from a local pottery shop and gained some experience in working with glazes.  By age ten she was ready to start throwing on a potter's wheel, but it wasn't until her 12th birthday in 2017 that, by chance, she came across an advertisement for an old wooden kick wheel on Craigslist.  The following day she and her family took a two hour road trip to pick up the first piece of equipment that would be an essential part of her soon-to-be business, Hoof Print Pottery.

Today, Adallie's passion for her art continues to grow - her realm of work continuously expanding.  "I love being able to take an image in my head and turn it into something," says Adallie when asked what it is about her art that gets her up and going. Each piece is unique. Details and shapes are all performed freehand - she doesn't use molds or design transfers in her work, making each piece truly one-of-a-kind.

Growing up outdoors on a farm instilled a love of nature in Adallie.  "What I do is meaningful to me because I love plants and animals. Turning these things into art form is a way of celebrating them,"  says Adallie. This is evident when looking at her sculpted animal pots and painted vessels.  

Aside from enjoying the creative processes of ceramics, she has a strong interest in sustainability and relishes the practicality her art has to offer. She says, "I love that I'm using natural materials from the earth - no plastics or harmful chemicals...I also like to be practical and enjoy having my hot drinks out of a mug I had so much fun creating."

The future looks bright for Adallie. Her enthusiastic demeanor and driven nature will take her far.  We look forward to watching her grow and progress, but most of all we're excited to be a part of experiencing, with her, the joy that she receives from the fruits of her labor of love!

You can follow Adallie's ceramic art journey on her Instagram page @hoofprintpottery .


written by Valerie Fox, her loving mother 💛