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Wholesale Ceramic Buttons


     Thank you for your interest in our handcrafted ceramic buttons!  We aim to offer a wide variety to yarn and fabric stores both big and small.  Our customizable catalog lets buyers choose what they think will best suit their customer's needs in terms of both color and style.

     Each button in our catalog is made to order, so a waiting period can be expected. To accommodate the needs of shops of all sizes we offer incremental discounts (please refer to the table below for discount rates).

     If you have any questions, please send a message to haulinhoofwholesale@earthlink.net with your name and the name of your business and we'll be in touch soon!

Warm regards,

Valerie Fox 

Co-owner, Haulin' Hoof Farm Store



1. Do I need to create an account to be a wholesale customer?

    Yes, please create a store account so we have access to your information. This will allow us to easily send you a wholesale draft order, or invoice.

2. How do I place an order? 

    To place a wholesale button order, please click on the button wholesale catalog link at the bottom of this page.  Add selections to your cart.  When you're finished, continue on to the checkout page and enter your email and shipping information.  From here, continue to the payment page and abandon your cart.  Abandoning your cart will give us access to your order and allow us to create a draft order, or invoice, that will include shipping and your wholesale discount. This will then be sent back to you via email.

***Please note***  You will need to send us an email to notify us that you have created an order and that you're ready to proceed.

3. How will my buttons come?

    Buttons are securely packaged and delivered sewn onto cards that contain our company logo and web address.

4. How long will my order take to ship?

    All wholesale orders are made to order, meaning once we receive your order we get to work on making them to your specification.  Time to ship will vary on order size and whether we have ample product to fill the kiln.  A lead time of 8 to 10 weeks can be expected in most cases.

5. Can I request custom buttons to include with my order?

    At this time we only except buttons that we stock in our shop.  

6.  Are all the buttons available on your website available in the wholesale catalog?

    No, not all buttons listed on our website are available in our wholesale catalog.  This is primarily due to them being one of a kind as a result of being hand cut or made on an artistic whim.  Please note, however, if you do not see a button listed in our catalog that is on our website and includes a ws code, we are able to add this to your wholesale order.

7. How do I interpret listing titles?

    Buttons are described foremost by size and are categorized from smallest to largest. The button's shape or primary design (ie. daisy) is stated next, followed by a special character (ie. pillowed or rounded edge), and then clay body.

8. How do the clay bodies differ?

   Our buttons come in four main clay bodies, buff (a white colored clay), brown, red, and black.  Buff clay produces buttons with bright and true colors. Most of our buff clay buttons are glazed on the sides as well as the surface.  Brown clay is a subtle medium and produces buttons with an earthier undertone than buff.  Small black specks of manganese may also come out in brown clay. Red clay is a very warm colored clay that produces buttons with a rich and earthy coloration. The majority of our flat, red clay buttons do not have the sides glazed.  The unglazed sides, or edges, gives these buttons a pretty rich-colored halo.  Black clay is very richly colored and is more granular in texture.  It provides an attractive contrast against colorful glazes.  There are also compounds in black clay that escape during a glaze firing resulting in a pretty, airy texture.


9. How will my order ship?

    Your order will ship via the USPS or UPS. 


Wholesale Discount Table:

 Minimum order value (before discount)
   Discount (percentage off retail value)
Value after wholesale discount based on bare minimum
 $300-$474 25% $225
$475-$874  30% $332.5


$1200+ 40% $720


 To view our wholesale button catalog please click here.