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Ceramic Button DISCOUNT Lots

Ceramic Button DISCOUNT Lots

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***This listing is for 'seconds' buttons***

Not every kiln firing turns 100% of product out in perfect condition.  With the hundreds of buttons we produce every year in our farm pottery studio, a fraction of them don't make the cut to making it to the website due to irregularities and flaws.  Many of these buttons are still in decent condition, and when not viewed through the spectacle of the meticulous maker, seem just fine. 

What you'll see with this lot of discounted buttons:

- peeled glaze 

- some sharp edges due to button edges melting together in the kiln (a little bit of sand paper and elbow grease will get these buttons in wearable condition)

- slight smears in the glaze

- small chipped areas

- offset button holes

***Please note that these buttons do have flaws and imperfections should be expected.

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