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Hoof Print Pottery

Sabertooth Longhorn Beetle - Black Clay Crock

Sabertooth Longhorn Beetle - Black Clay Crock

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This ultra fun crock displays Macrodontia cervicornis, the Sabertooth Longhorn beetle,  one of the worlds largest beetles! This piece would make a wonderful gift for the beetle or nature lover

Measures 3" x 3 5/8" diameter by 5 3/8" deep

*Each decorative piece is completely original. The design detail is hand drawn by the artist on the raw clay body and then painted using fine-tipped brushes and small needles to drag the glaze to create precision in each design.  We never use ceramic decals or transfers, so what you receive is truly handmade and unique!

Made with love on our family farm in Ohio using food safes glazes!

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